Firewood processors to cut and split wood

Pilkemaster firewood processors - the fastest way to cut and split logs

Firewood processors are all-in-one equipment that will cut-to-length and split logs into cordwood. The cutting length can be adjusted on all machines. Depending on the machine and its options, the wood will be split in two, four, six or eight.

Easy-to-use and fast firewood processors

Welcome to the world of Pilkemaster on where you will find the fastest and easiest firewood processors. Pilkemaster firewood processors have been successfully sold in Northern Europe for over 25 years and have been available in Canada for 5 years already.

Our equipment to transform wood into firewood

Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor


The fastest firewood processor with a patented V-shaped feeding table for logs up to 14.5 inch in diameter. Available with tractor PTO or gasoline engine.
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Pilkemaster SUPER firewood processor


The latest from the Pilkemaster family. Pilkemaster SUPER is a new definition of fast for firewood processing up to 8 inch in diameter.
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Pilkemaster SMART firewood processor


The new generation of processors for small diameter logs. Make firewood directly from stacked wood. Mounts on the loader of a tractor or any other equipment.
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Naarva H60 high-capacity wood splitter


A powerful wood splitter installed at the rear of a tractor for logs up to 27.5 inch in diameter. Also a 4-feet model is available.
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Firewood big-bags


Looking to optimize your firewood logistics ? Discover our one-cord firewood big-bags.
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You can download our brochure below.

Brochure for Pilkemaster firewood processorsDownload brochure (PDF)

Quality firewood processors and equipment from Northern Europe

The Pilkemaster firewood processors and Naarva splitters are manufactured in Finland. All these products are distributed in Canada by:

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