Naarva H60 wood splitter

Naarva H60 splitter can be attached to an agricultural tractor by three-point attachment or, for example, on a forest trailer. It is powered by tractor hydraulics. Four-phase splitting with one stroke up to 24 pieces.

With its renewed design, the Naarva H60 features now an auxilary hydraulic cylinder for extra splitting force. With this new concept, the machine has now 3 different speeds and splitting forces to work with. Speed and force are automatically adjusted so that you will always have the best output with the fastest speed selected for the log you are currently processing. With a maximum splitting force of 43 tons, you will not run out of power even with bigger pieces of wood.

The auxiliary cylinder concept allows to keep the diameter of the main cylinder small enough to allow fast movements.

The convenient support leg allows to split directly into big bags.


Weight: 1654lbs / 750kg
Log handling with crane or loader
Splitting force: 43 tons with low speed / 22 tons with medium speed / 9 tons with high speed (with 180 bar oil pressure)
Maximum log diameter: 23.6 – 27.5 inch (60 -70 cm)
Maximum log length: 2ft (62cm)
Autospeed: High cylinder speed automatically set with regenerative valve
Controls: Hydraulic power and directional valve from tractor
Support leg: Pivoted extendable support leg. Length 31.5 – 43.3 inch (80—110 cm)