Pilkemaster EVO – Cuts and splits firewood

Pilkemaster EVO processors - firewood production made easy

Pilkemaster EVO - Produce firewood with ease

Pilkemaster EVO is a second-generation firewood processor for logs up to 14.5 inch (36 cm) in diameter. The Pilkemaster EVO range can be adapted to fit your needs. The height of the frame can be adjusted easily for an ergonomic work environment. The auto-lubricated chainsaw cuts wood with ease. The open structure beneath the splitting groove allows sawdust and other debris to drop under the machine, avoiding them to stack inside the machine and producing cleaner firewood. Working with a Pilkemaster EVO is pleasant and requires no effort.

By changing the blade, the log can be split in 2, 4, 6 or 8 parts. With the proprietary splitting technology, it is even possible to split several small logs at the same time. The Pilkemaser EVO series has also the optional independent splitting levers. With that option, the machine can be used as a horizontal wood splitter.

Four different versions to adapt to different needs

Pilkemaster EVO is available in four different versions.


The effective workhorse, strudy and realiable. The EVO30 will transform your logs up to 12 inch in diameter.
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The best-seller of the Pilkemaster EVO-series with a double hydraulic pump for more speed and productivity. For logs up to 14.5 inch in diameter.
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The easy-to-use second-generation firewood processor with hydraulic up/down movement of the splitting blade.
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The professional choice for firewood producers. All the features of the Pilkemaster EVO-series in a full-hydraulic machine.
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Turning firewood conveyor

The firewood conveyor on the Pilkemaster EVO processors is made for easy firewood production. It runs smoothly with a reduced noise level. With the turning conveyor structure, one can send the firewood in 5 different positions without moving the machine. The height of the conveyor can be set with a winch to optimize the position of your firewood. You will save time and effort. You can for example put 3 big-bags behind the machine and fill them one-by-one just by turning the conveyor. The optional log-deck and log-lifter makes firewood production even easier.

The Pilkemaster EVO processor can be customized to your needs. It can run on tractor PTO or have its own gasoline engine. It is even possible to get the processor with both gasoline engine and PTO and use one or the other depending on your needs. The feeding system and conveyor fold for easy transport.

Haul your firewood equipment everywhere

The Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor can be mounted on a trailer base and fitted with a gasoline engine to be self-contained and easy to move. Several trailer options are available, please check with your local dealer.

Video of the Pilkemaster EVO-series