Pilkemaster SMART – Make firewood in the comfort of your cabin

Pilkemaster SMART firewood processors are made for easy firewood production. They can be connected to the hydraulics of a tractor, a compact loader or a hydraulic excavator. With the Pilkemaster SMART, you can produce firewood while sitting comfortably in the cabin of your machine, with the firewood processor installed on the front loader.

Fast and easy-to-use

Pilkemaster SMART firewood processors have a new design for the splitting wedge. The firewood has sharp and clean edges. The wood is automatically centered and split in the middle, making quality firewood.

Pilkemaster SMART 1 – From the log-pile to firewood

The Pilkemaster SMART 1 can pick the log directly from the stack or from a forestry trailer. Once inside the processor, the log can be cut and split directly above a big-bag or a trailer. This eliminates all the other steps between the log stack and the end-product, meaning better productivity. The compact size of Pilkemaster SMART 1 makes it possible to use the processor even with small machinery. Smart 1 is easy to store on a pallet.

Pilkemaster SMART 2 – The fast way to the big-bag

The Pilkemaster SMART 2 is a high-speed firewood producer when loaded with a grapple. Production speed is double the speed of the SMART 1. The logs can be directly cut and split above a big-bag or a trailer. Pilkemaster SMART 2 can process two logs at the same time.